April 3, 2016

Pediasuit Therapy

PediaSuit is a soft dynamic orthotic which consists of a cap, vest, shorts, knee pads and special adapted shoes that are interconnected with elastic bands. The basic concept of the

PediaSuit is to create a supporting unit to align the body as close to normal as possible re-establishing correct postural alignment and weight bearing which is fundamental in normalizing muscle tone, sensory and vestibular function. The elastic bands are adjustable, which means that we can load the body axially within 15 to 40 kg.

The PediaSuit is the most modern type of suit available today.

Benefits of using PediaSuit:

    • Creates appropriate proprioceptive stimulation
    • Increases neuro-motor coordination (= decreased pathological reflexes activity)
    • Improves functional and fundamental skills (independent rolling, crawling, independent transitions to upright position: to four points, to sitting and high kneeling)
    • Improves static and kinetic balance in vertical position
    • Progression to the ability of independent standing
    • Improves gait with supportive tools (walker, crutches, quad canes, canes)
    • Progression to independent walking.

Pediasuit India – Bangalore