Tummy Time For Your Baby

What is Tummy Time?

Tummy time is a period in which you make your little one (Baby) to lie down on his/her tummy.

Why is it so important for babies?

Babies develop postural STRENGTH And ENDURANCE in CEPHALOCAUDAL manner. This means the head develops first and then the trunk, pelvis and lower extremities. Tummy Time always help your baby to achieve his/her Developmental Mile Stone.

When should we start Tummy Time for babies?

We can start tummy time from the day 1.

Regular Benefits of Tummy Time:

  • It reduces tummy re-flux and gas and always promotes optimal bowel movements.
  • It helps in maintaining body posture as well as head shape and chances of getting positional torticollis also reduces.
  • It helps in motor skill development and improves sensory skills along with visual development.

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