MNRI Therapy as a Savior for Preterm in NICU!

Oral feeding for preterm infants has been a major problem worldwide.

In preterm neonates, optimal breast feeding is limited due to several reasons e.g., illnesses, gut immaturity and inadequate suck, swallow and breathing coordination due to poor oromotor skills .Many research studies shows that sensorimotor interventions are used to improve oral feeding in preterm babies.

One of the research shows that current technique used widely in Brazil is the non-nutritive sucking in gloved finger or orthodontic pacifier. Other countries recorded the technique of non-nutritive sucking in pacifiers followed by oral sensorimotor stimulation as the most current approaching.

Two methods which are commonly used in NICU for preterm infants are OMS (oromotor stimulation) and nonnutritive sucking (NNS) which increases the probability of more preterm babies being breastfed at discharge.

2 major benefits of oromotor stimulation (OMS) program (peri- and intra-oral stimulation, with or without nonnutritive sucking) applied to preterm infants during gavage feeding are:
a) Improved sucking abilities of a preterm infant.
b) Reduces transition period from gavage to full oral feeding.

But recently, MNRI (Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration) therapy is taking one step ahead. MNRI technique helps in INTEGRATING ORAL- FACIAL REFLEXES. These exercises helps in activation of sucking reflex pattern by stimulating all muscles which take part in sucking motor skills. MNRI Therapist uses finger tips and applies specific pressure on several points for 5-7 times in a day which activates sucking reflex and improves rhythmic sucking.


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