FAQS regarding your child’s Orthotics & Braces !

How will I know when my child out grows their brace?

Some allowance for growth is built into the brace from day one. You will notice a small space between the end of the brace and toes. When your child’s toes extend over that area it’s time for a new one. Occasionally growth will be in the form of a wider foot rather than length. In this case, you would notice a significant amount of redness and indentation in the foot from the sides and top of the brace if this occurs.

Will my child have to wear these the rest of his life?

Obviously your child’s diagnosis and the specifics of his/her condition are critical to answering this question. The best person to answer this type of question would be your child’s physician. They would have the information needed to answer completely.

When my child is breaking in their braces, does it count if he is sitting and not active at that time?

For the initial break in period activity is not a factor. However once your child becomes active it’s important to check every hour to ensure blisters are not developing.
 What will my foot orthotics do for me?

– Your physician will prescribe a foot orthotic for you based on your diagnosis. Depending upon your condition, one of several styles of foot orthotics can be provided for you.
– If the foot orthotics are called “functional,” that means they are intended to control or limit unwanted motion in the foot or ankle and improve alignment of the skeletal structures of the foot.
– An “accommodative” foot orthotic is designed to redistribute weight throughout the foot to reduce pressure areas. It will also provide excellent cushioning and shock absorption.

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